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Mucosal tolerance of the hookworm Ancylostoma caninum in the gut of naturally infected wild dogs. Mol Cell Proteomics. Therapeutic potential of helminth soluble proteins in TNBS-induced colitis in mice.

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Breed-Predispositions to Cancer in Pedigree Dogs

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Evasion of immunity by nematode parasites causing chronic infections. Adv Parasitol. Maizels RM, Yazdanbakhsh M. Immune regulation by helminth parasites: cellular and molecular mechanisms. Nat Rev Immunol. Immunity to gastrointestinal nematodes: mechanisms and myths. Mucosal immune responses following intestinal nematode infection. Necator americanus : optimization of the golden hamster model for testing anthelmintic drugs. Necator americanus : maintenance through one hundred generations in golden hamsters Mesocricetus auratus.

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Characterisation of humoral immune responses in dogs vaccinated with irradiated Ancylostoma caninum. Vet Immunol Immunopathol. Miller TA. Industrial development and field use of the canine hookworm vaccine. Vaccination with irradiated Ancylostoma caninum third stage larvae induces a Th2 protective response in dogs. Hookworm vaccines: past, present, and future. Lancet Infect Dis. Pang T. Equal partnership to ensure that developing countries benefit from genomics. Fathalla M.

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Helminth immunoregulation: The role of parasite secreted proteins in modulating host immunity.

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Adult hookworms Necator spp. The role of wildlife in the transmission of parasitic zoonoses in peri-urban and urban areas. Genome sequence of the nematode C. Genomics in C. A gene expression map for Caenorhabditis elegans. Gene expression profiling of cells, tissues, and developmental stages of the nematode C. Mapping the C. Organization of the Caenorhabditis elegans small non-coding transcriptome: genomic features, biogenesis, and expression. The Caenorhabditis elegans intermediate-size transcriptome shows high degree of stage-specific expression.

Nucleic Acids Res. Cell-specific proteomic analysis in Caenorhabditis elegans. High-throughput in vivo analysis of gene expression in Caenorhabditis elegans. PLoS Biol. Micro-proteomics with iterative data analysis: Proteome analysis in C. A survey of the intestinal transcriptomes of the hookworms, Necator americanus and Ancylostoma caninum , using tissues isolated by laser microdissection microscopy.

1. Introduction

A survey of genes expressed in adults of the human hookworm, Necator americanus. Kumar S, Pritchard DI. Necator americanus secretory acetylcholinesterase and its purification from excretory-secretory products by affinity chromatography. Improved insights into the transcriptomes of the human hookworm Necator americanus - fundamental and biotechnological implications. Investigating hookworm genomes by comparative analysis of two Ancylostoma species.

The canine hookworm genome: analysis and classification of Ancylostoma caninum survey sequences. Transcriptional changes in the hookworm, Ancylostoma caninum , during the transition from a free-living to a parasitic larva. The genome and transcriptome of the zoonotic hookworm Ancylostoma ceylanicum identify infection-specific gene families. Draft genome of the filarial nematode parasite Brugia malayi. A deep sequencing approach to comparatively analyze the transcriptome of life-cycle stages of the filarial worm, Brugia malayi. Moreno Y, Geary TG. Stage- and gender-specific proteomic analysis of Brugia malayi excretory-secretory products.

The secretome of the filarial parasite, Brugia malayi : proteomic profile of adult excretory-secretory products. A proteomic analysis of the body wall, digestive tract, and reproductive tract of Brugia malayi. Scott A, Ghedin E. The genome of Brugia malayi - all worms are not created equal.

Parasitol Int. Immunity to the model intestinal helminth parasite Heligmosomoides polygyrus. Semin Immunol. Proteomic analysis of secretory products from the model gastrointestinal nematode Heligmosomoides polygyrus reveals dominance of venom allergen-like VAL proteins. J Proteome. Immune modulation and modulators in Heligmosomoides polygyrus infection. Current protocols in immunology; Wiley online. Heligmosomoides polygyrus : a model for chronic gastrointestinal helminthiasis.

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Neutrophils prime a long-lived effector macrophage phenotype that mediates accelerated helminth expulsion. Nat Immunol. Immunol Cell Biol. Loss of complement activation and leukocyte adherence as Nippostrongylus brasiliensis develops within the murine host. Adaptation of Nippostrongylus brasiliensis to the mouse. Host cytokine production, lymphoproliferation, and antibody responses during the course of Ancylostoma ceylanicum infection in the golden syrian hamster. Mitigation of hookworm disease by immunization with soluble extracts of Ancylostoma ceylanicum. Acquired hookworm immunity in the golden hamster Mesocricetus auratus elicited by living Necator americanus third-stage infective larvae.

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It is almost a complete book for a beginner and to owners with few years of experience with the breed. I recommend it. However, none book has all the information a serious owner should have, I suggest always to buy several books of the breed to complement the information. I have more than 15 years with Goldens including obedience trials and if I loose this book I would buy it again. Along with this book I ordered a couple of other Golden Retriever books, while all of them had valuable information, I found that Everything Golden Retriever had very useful instructions about the clicker training, which I was keen to learn.

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This reference book was really informational.