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My villains usually operate behind the scenes, for the most part. Then I write the ending, where the true culprit is revealed. Then I start writing the book. I often end up with a different opening than the original, but the ending rarely changes all that much. It delves into some pretty intense stuff: trauma recovery, suppressed memories, and the false memory controversy.

Kassandra Lamb: Psychotherapist turned mystery author!

Can you tell us more about the book? How do you handle writing something with such intense issues? I gotta admit that Family Fallacies is my favorite in the series so far, even though as you say, it covers some intense stuff. But writing about it is not all that hard, compared to 20 years of working with people who were dealing with the real thing. Surprisingly, none of my advanced readers found it to be difficult to handle. Weaving back and forth between them lessens the intensity considerably.

She is falling in love while still struggling with grief for her late husband. She thinks the abuser is her father, but the face in the memories is not clear. Kate keeps telling her to go slow, not to try to force it, but Audrey is not a very patient person. Eventually there is a confrontation between her and her father that results in Audrey cutting off contact with her parents. Then one of the parties in the lawsuit gets themselves killed and now Kate is a murder suspect. You started down your publishing journey later than some of us — what lit the spark?

Publishing, yes; writing no. You should see some of the poems I wrote in high school. They were pretty awful. Ebooks and Manuals

I started Multiple Motives in I had published several professional articles by then, but it was the first piece of fiction that I actually thought was worth publishing. I got about one third of the way into it and lost my momentum, partly because I had a day job and a teenager to finish raising. But mainly because I knew that I did not have the patience to deal with the publishing industry. All three Kate Huntington books are self-published. Did you query at all?

I did query some, last spring and early summer, when Multiple Motives was finished. Meanwhile, I was cranking out the first drafts of three more books. I hated every minute spent on the querying process, mainly because it is so much effort and so much agony for so little return.

When you finally land an agent, you are still a long way away from a published book. One of the presentations was on e-publishing. The presenter was a well-established author, with a publisher, who, for a variety of reasons, had more recently gone the self- publishing route. The second little miracle was that I had a glass of wine with Shannon Esposito at the cocktail party at the end of the conference. We had chatted earlier in the weekend about something inane—hairdressers, I believe it was—but as we sat down to relax over a glass of chardonnay, something clicked.

By the time her delightful husband came to pick her up, we were both a little looped and we had decided two things: we were going to stay in touch and we were going to check into this self-publishing thing. Her husband, Dan, very graciously invited me to join them for dinner and even managed to look interested while we talked books for the rest of the evening.

Now Shannon and I are partners in a small indie press, misterio press. And we have another mystery writer who has joined us, JoAnn Bassett. One of the best things is what I just mentioned. In traditional publishing, even if, by some miracle, we had both landed agents and publishing contracts quickly, our first books would still not be out yet. The average turn-around from contract signing to book hits the shelves is at least a year. With self-publishing, you forego the whole seeking an agent and publisher part. The other big deal for me is that you have complete creative control.

I am a control freak, so I love that! You pick the title and you have the final say in editorial changes and cover art. Then the book would have become just another tawdry example of how unhealthy humans can be. I wanted it to provide an example how platonic friendships can be healthy. Anyone who comments here will have their name put in the hat to win a free three-book set of the series to date.

And if they stop by any of the rest of my blog stops this week and comment there, yet another entry goes into the hat, up to six maximum. The winner will be chosen at midnight Friday and announced at each of the blogs, including ours, on Saturday. Favorite book? Writing has taken over my life the last couple years. But I do try to carve out time for reading. It is my favorite form of relaxation. I try to read a lot of indie writers now, both to support them and to see what exciting things they are doing.

And my husband and I love to travel.

Family Fallacies

We just got back from a trip to Alaska. What a breathtakingly beautiful state! I hope to have my pictures up on Facebook soon. You are a gem, Stacy, for having me! In her youth, she had to make a decision between writing and paying the bills. Partial to heat, electricity and food, she studied psychology. Now retired from a career as a psychotherapist and college professor, she spends most of her time in an alternate universe in which her protagonist, Kate Huntington, is always the kind, generous and insightful person that she wishes she were.

June 11, Kelly Hashway.

June 11, Stacy Green. I love psychology. I should have majored in it instead of journalism. June 11, Kassandra Lamb. LOL It really does, Kelly.

Family Fallacies - eBook -

And not just because my protagonist is a psychotherapist. Thanks for stopping by! June 11, Coleen Patrick. Great interview and story—I love reading about how she met Shannon and how misterio press was born! Me, too. Love the idea of misterio press, too. Thanks, Coleen. Thanks, Coleen!

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I really enjoyed revisiting that wonderful evening when a friendship was born and the seed was planted for our new venture. June 11, Louise Behiel. Put my name in that draw, please — I want all 3 books. June 11, Adriana Ryan. Sounds like such a fresh, richly layered book! All three of them are in my immediate TBR list. Your names are in the hat, Louise and Adriana. Since you both have psychology backgrounds, I think you will particularly enjoy these books.

I myself love stories with a psychological layer to them, but they are still a good, entertaining read. June 11, August McLaughlin. Great interview! I love those little miracles. It takes a driven, passionate person to recognize them when they arise. Best wishes for much, continual success! Glad you enjoyed it, August. Agree on the little miracles. June 11, Shannon Esposito.

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