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Keep in touch September 25th Christina Wang Cpl. This book includes the disgusting "snot-shooter pumpkin", a cool "tiki pumpkin", the baby inspired "full diaper pumpkin" and the "suburban nightmare pumpkin", in which you jam your pumpkin onto your gatepost so the neighbors can watch it rot and hate you. All the carvings include an equipment list and instructions and Nardone includes addit Nardone is famous for his weird and outright aggressive jack o' lanterns, and I have copied a couple of his ideas in the past, such as the "conjoined twins".

All the carvings include an equipment list and instructions and Nardone includes additional thoughts throughout. Sep 16, Stacy rated it it was ok Shelves: craft , holiday. It's almost pumpkin carving time and I was looking for new, creative ideas. This book did have ideas but most of them would be more appealing to 9 year old boys than any adult reader.

Puke, poop, snot I was looking more for clever than juvenile. That said, I did like the one with eerie writing and I think I can use that for the office pumpkin carving entry, and I'll be able to fashion a zombie out of one. It was ok. Mar 04, Hilary rated it liked it Shelves: informational. Halloween is fun. Pumpkin carving is fun -- and this book is fun, innovative, and different from the standard "trace a pattern and don't cut yourself or burn the house down making a jack-o-lantern. I especially liked the alien, BBQ pumpkin it received the third degree Oct 19, Laura rated it liked it.

Darker and funnier than the first book, this is mainly adults-only Halloween fun. Definitely good for inspiration. Jan 16, Gato Negro rated it really liked it. More pumpkin carving ideas from the master. Even if you choose not to copy his designs exactly, they are inspiring! Oct 28, Amber rated it it was amazing Shelves: humor , art-books-graphic-design.

This was better than the 1st book. Awesome ideas. I going to try some next year. Oct 17, Lee rated it really liked it. Deana Talbert rated it really liked it May 31, Stewart Tame rated it really liked it Sep 23, Linda rated it it was amazing Feb 26, It is the quintessential device for creative expression, and it just keeps getting better. Photoshop is my daily escape from reality! Make people smile and getting a lot of input. Photoshop is my outlet. My way of unwinding after a long day, to create images that up until then only existed in my head and to bring out the best in already existing images.

After a hard day of work and some wonderful time with my wife and three kids. Instead I use Photoshop and my creativity. So Photoshop is my Massage Therapist. To me Photoshop is a passion, a Dream, and soon to be my life.. Photoshop is like my morning coffee, photography is great, waking up is great but being able to sip the morning coffee and being able to add the edge to my photos with the help of photoshop is something I cannot do without.

Life as a photographer without photoshop would be like life without vibrant colour or waking up and not having that first sip of coffee to welcome the new day. I simply love Photoshop! PhotoShop gives me the ability to offer my clients a great product. Currently working with an older version of PS, even that version is a powerful tool. Thanks folks at PhotoShop! I would have to say what Photoshop Elements is to me, it allows for much more creativity than your average photo editing software which I love. What a great addition to my tools would CS5 be! There is quite the competition out there in photography and I absolutely believe Photoshop by far allows for superior expression of creativity and vision of true art.

Photoshop is my go-to program for anything dealing with web, print or video graphics. PS is my right hand. I use it several times a day, at work, and then I use it at home, mostly for web graphics. I have several other similar programs, and I never fire them up. Wow…photoshop to me is…. I could not put out stunning, timeless products with out the help of Photoshop! Photoshop allows me to come out of my shell and be completely creative without restriction while teaching me and helping me explore new things.

I would not be where I am today as a photographer or business owner without Photoshop. Photoshop is a part of my work and my hobby as well. I love it! Only Photoshop and Lightroom:D forever!!! To me, Photoshop is an amazing tool that allows me to take the moment in time that my camera was able to produce and change it to what my mind saw in much the same way the masters used a darkroom to create their works of art! No other software could ever compare!

The perfect darkroom, but without the chemicals! It means taking my photographs in a direction that my camera never could. It helps use my creativity in more ways than I can count. Photoshop to me is just as important as my camera and own eyes when it comes to producing beautiful works of art. Photoshop lets people who have gone through life feeling they have no artistic talent now feel like they have some. Photoshop is the difference between my business looking professional versus looking held together by tape. Everyone using Photoshop should have a legal copy and spend some time to learn how to fix family photos, create website gfx and beautiful art.

Photoshop makes everyone an artist! For me Photoshop has always been there to show me, someone who has always had very little artistic talent, that you can do artistic things. Photoshop helps me capture, enhance and deliver my clients memories so that they can just enjoy the moment, knowing that I have the keepsake for them. I work with Photoshop everyday. Fooling around with Photoshop when I was younger gave me the opportunity to work in a job I like. And what more could you want? It is a constant reminder that I have a lot to learn and to not always think in 2 dimensions.

Be different, be creative and the world is your play ground. Photoshop is my beloved, my one-and-only, my desired part of my work, my life, my living. It is … it! A huge stress reliever! A fun thing to do everyday! An experiment of what the wonderful things I can make up. A learning tool for making my photos look spectacular or sometimes horrible, lol. A tool that makes my son want to try it and then get frustrated at it.

Photoshop is a lot of things. I use Photoshop elements to make pictures better and to come up with some fantasy pictures. Photoshop is almost like brushing my teeth but not there yet, I have to do it everyday! Photoshop is emotional, creative, and magical. I have been able to artistically express what I am feeling through the many tools in photoshop.

It really can create some digital magic!! Thanks you adobe for creating this awesome program, which has allowed me to do so much!!! To me, photoshop has shaped my life, to what it is right now. So I opened Photoshop for like the 2nd or 3rd time and started messing around. After I was done making a logo I felt pretty comfortable with text and brushes, and grew a love for the program.

Now I am still very much a beginner, but from making that one logo, it has brought many more logo opportunities for me, that would have never come without Photoshop. Paint : I just want to say thank you to the PS team, for changing my life, and giving me the ability to have these amazing opportunities, to get myself and my creativity out there. Everyone has their own uses, reasons, and final products. To me Photoshop is a way to express myself in a fun and beautiful way. Adobe Photoshop, is my life.

Photoshop is my digital darkroom and then some where I can enhance my photos with adjustment layers, filters, and more as well as retouch portraits. Photoshop is a Tool to me. It may be the most versatile and useful tool in my arsenal but still a just a tool. I started using photoshop when I was just 12 years old.

I learned it myself after watching friends online do shoddy chop work I thought it was amazing at the time to probably copyrighted images. I quickly learned the ins and out, the dos and donts including copyrighted image donts! I did photomanipulations for free for my friends.

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When I was 14 I took my first photoshop class. This was teh first time I had ever felt superior, being a typical average-smarts student with a slight learning disorder, it meant the world to me. I helped my teacher teach the class, since I was more advanced than even him. I did. Two years later I took a photography class that included photoshop work. Finally, people saw me for someone special! Currently I do photo editing for my friends for free. It would mean the world to me and my prospective business, too! Please, Adobe! Photoshop is an amazing tool that allows me to fine tune my visions and expressions through my photos and designs.

Photoshop is my virtual art studio. Photoshop and all of CS5, really gives me a way to use my God-given talents to their fullest. It gives me the outlet to let me be me. An amazing tool to express myself and to show the world the way I am. Photoshop allows me to be creative however I see fit. Thanks Adobe! Photoshop is for me… …expenisve. Photoshop is an essential tool in my design arsenal.

Photoshop is a way to express yourself, a way to create a whole new world on a flat monitor, a way to put your imagination for others to see, to travel through your mind!! Photoshop is like a spa treatment for my images. They can be tired, dull and gloomy going in — and energetic, exuberant and lively coming out. Photoshop est un metier pour moi…mais elle est tellement vaste que je suis oblige de faire des tutoriaux un cours avec plume et cahier!

Photoshop is my world. I entered photoshop contests on fark. Now I use photoshop for actual photography, whether it be panoramic stitching, correction and enhancement, and being able to turn something mundane into art. CS5 with content aware is amazing and makes me wish to own it with an iPad. Photoshop means to me less time editing and more time photographing.

Photoshop brings the realm of impossibility to life, literally making my wildest dreams come true. Photoshop is the largest part of my day — I spend hours on end in there editing photos, designing websites, etc. With the help of Photoshop Tutorials found all over the Web I am learning more every day, I consider Photoshop to be the best Editing Software a Photographer can use and would not like to be withought it.

Photoshop est un metier pour moi…mais il est tellement vaste que je suis oblige de faire des tutoriaux un cours avec plume et cahier en main! Photoshop is the last decade of my life. Baseball cards, flyers, artwork, photography, and more all because I started with some simple lasso tools and a funny idea.

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Blank canvas, cake icing, extra bass in the mix, finishing touches, doodles, brainstorming, the last nail, the first cut…. Photoshop allows me to utilize all the data in a camera raw file. As a photographer the most powerful part of Photoshop is how it processes raw files. It gives me non-destructive editing power and allows me to use all of the information in the file.

What that means to me is that I can shoot knowing that all the tones will be there when I open up the raw file! It IS my digital darkroom, design studio, and overall life-line both professionally and creatively.

Without Photoshop, digital photography would just be a new way to take the same old photographs we used to take with our film cameras. It has revolutionized the industry and made it a much more beautiful place to live and work in! Photoshop to me means I can create things I never could create with a pen and paper. Photoshop gives me the tool I need to take ideas from my mind and turn them into tangible creations.

Thanks, Photoshop! I use PS5 for work and hobby. Guess which one is work? Photoshop is the only software that I would keep it if I was lost and alone on a lost island in the middle of the pacific. It is certain that I would miss an audience. Showing my creations to the worlds, would be my sole motivation to save me from this island. What a motivation, no? Using Photoshop for the first time and learning about layers and how intuitive the software is for a creative person like myself, reminded me of when I was sitting on my bed as a kid, with a book, and for the first time in my life I was able to read, and understand the text.

Learning Photoshop had the same effect on my life, I did not feel so small and limited. I could connect with the world, and have a global voice through visual communication that was unattainable before. I hope that other people feel the same way about Photoshop, because the feeling only comes along a handful of times, if that, in a persons life.

A digital lump of clay. Photoshop has transformed the way in which I am able to express myself through art. It has expanded my horizons and allowed me a beautiful avenue with which to share my vision with the world. Photoshop CS5 is the best purchase that I have ever made. It lets me work smarter, design faster, and accomplish more than I ever thought possible. No matter the size of the project, big or small, Photoshop is always involved.

Photoshop is digital sunshine, brightening each day with something new and exciting. Photoshop is for me not just a tool or something. For me its more than. Its my Eyes in my real world. Thanks to Photoshop I discovered the most important thing in my life right now: Graphic Design. So it means everything to me! Photoshop is my livelihood. From work to personal projects I use the program everyday for many hours. If it is doing color adjustment, full on editing photos, are graphic design my life is in its hands. Like a modern day blacksmith, Photoshop users take raw ore we even call it RAW sometimes, haha , and use the tools of our trade, in specific, Photoshop, to craft it into works of wonder that could never have been seen in the original rough chunks of ore.

Photoshop is the tool that makes dreams come true, beautiful more refined, interaction smoother, smiles whiter, people happier, designers better… but most of all it is what it is.. Photoshop is Photoshop. Photoshop is as much your most hardworking assistant as your buddy to go hang out with to have a night on the town and see what happens. To start making my dreams happen and live the life that i want to live. Its my daily bread, its my friend,its my tool to express my self, its a hobby, its part of my life. To come back to the computer and Photoshop after a photoshoot, to import all the RAW-files and start editing the images, gives me the same wonderful feeling as when i used to go in to my darkroom with all the sents and expections i had when i developed my prints!

Photoshop allows me to express my creativity in ways I had never before thought possible. We need a visual… click on Photoshop Icon… Quick, a Screendesign… click Photoshop Icon… click click… Everyday in my job, in my private life, Photoshop is a part of it. PhotoShop has allowed me to be the artist I have always yearned to be. Photoshop makes work feel like the ultimate candy store, playground and amusement park all at the same time!

Photoshop allows me to show people my dreams in full accuracy and lets me bring happiness to my clients. Dear Photoshop, you are the reason, why I am not going to holiday this year. I am saving every penny and hope spend whole summer fresh new copy of you. I am just starting my photography business, so Photoshop is very important to building my business by editing my photos to perfection!

Thanks for the opportunity to win! For me, Photoshop was the step from snapping pictures to creating art. I actually feel like an artist wielding a paintbrush when I am working in Photoshop, and that in itself is motivational to me. As photoshop has grown, so have I. I learn something new almost everyday that helps me do what I do the most efficient way possible. There is no way I could keep up with my clients demands without Photoshop. From web-site design to photo editing to Illustration, nothing comes close to meeting my needs or my clients.

Thanks for all the hard work you guys do to make this the very best software available. Photoshop helps me take my photos of things that exist and create images of things that do not. Photoshop empowers my imagination. For me, Photoshop is the best design software in the world. Not only because of all the things it can do, but also for its accesibility and versatility.

And now with its mobile app, it has just made life even sweeter. Thank you Adobe for giving Photoshop to the world and for listening to us professionals and amateurs! Photoshop is amazing. It allows me to slice up web layouts easily for coding for my clients. Something has to pay for uni! I can not imagine a world without Photoshop. The world would be so loose color and without design.. I use Photoshop a lot in school and I would love to have it at home as well. Photoshop is both my livelihood and my passion; used for both work and play.

And as a serious photographer, Photoshop enables me to turn my photos into extraordinary works of art. Photoshop means my hobby to me. I use Photoshop on a daily basis, for school, for work, and for fun. I use it at home with my digital scrapbooking, editing family photos, and preparing photos for our family cattle record keeping. Nothing is more satisfying than just being able to create something, that has a meaing to people. Thank you for the opportunity! All of you people that tell all sort of stuff about Photoshop.

If I win it, it will mean everything that everybody said to me! Photoshop helps me bring to life the image I have in my head to reality which I can then share with those around me. It is an invaluable creative tool that helps me to express myself everyday which nothing else can. Photoshop is more than just a software. It is now part of the current international culture and a way to integrate art with utility, performance with fun.

Photoshop is a very powerful tool. It allows me to touch up photos and illustrations as well as design websites. God and Photoshop provide for us. Photoshop was the first program I used that allowed me to take various elements and layer them in one place without the use of pencils and paper. Ever since I touched Photoshop in , I got hooked. The first time I used Photoshop was for a project in college design course. I know it looks horrible! I almost cringe when I look at it. It reminds me of where I started.

I have grown significantly since then. What once was a hobby to me, now is a door of opportunity for me. It has allowed me to generate income part-time and one day I hope to go full-time using this program. PS means to me: a way of let out my creativity without boundaries. To me pictures are multilingual and my dream is to reach people across the world with my photos and digital art.

Photoshop is my best friend, my tool to take care of, improve, and create pictures that can speak to all people in some way or another. I use it many hours a day for personal use as well as in freelancing. Photoshop means freedom. The freedom to create without limits, and the freedom to better myself. Are you serious?! If Photoshop could be liquefied and pumped into my veins, it might as well be my life line. Photoshop has opened new opportunities for me, introduced me to my own creativity, taught me discipline and hard work, and is now one of my indispensable tool as a freelancer.

It has been a tool, a teacher, a friend, and sometimes an enemy that cannot be defeated while I pull my hair off. Photoshop has changed my life. I used to throw away dark photos and it sat on my computer without my knowledge of how to use it except to sharpen my photos. I then joined a digital scrap-booking community and starting learning how to use it. Although I am far from being an expert, I know so much more and use Photoshop in my digital scrap-booking almost daily.

I also go looking for tuts to help me be even better. I would love to win the CS5 because I currently have PS7 and it is missing some of the wonderful things that can be done like writing on curves. Thanks so much for the opportunity! One size fits all.

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Photoshop helps keep my mind young with continued learning environment. You may eventually master photoshop, but you will never master any given photo. There is always something else you can enhance. Happiness, sadness, depression, enthusiasm, anger, etc. With Photoshop, anything is possible.

For me, Photoshop is my life… my heart, my soul, my passion. It allows me to create and to nurture all of those things. It allows me to capture memories and create art. It plays the leading role in my business and in my play. It allows me to continue to learn, experience and enjoy. For me, Photoshop is a part of me. I simply would not be the same person without it. I started using Photoshop and realized that I was in the wrong profession. I became a designer over 13 years ago.

Photoshop brought me freedom. I have got to say, Photoshop is an impressive piece of software. The ease of use is amazing and the quality is great. I just love it, and every day i like to experiment new techniques because i love design in every form. Where would I be without it? Who really knows. But I want it. I need it. Really though, it takes my underdeveloped line art and turns it into real art. To me the pen tool just feels right. Thank you.. I use photoshop to really enhance my shots it really brings out the amazing colours and light.

Everyone comments on how vibrant my photos are and thats thanks to photoshop. I do use it to pop my daughter next to a croc for her birthday card t00, which always brings a laugh. Basically my past, my present and my future hopefully. Thanks for it and congrats to the team. I love Photoshop because it allows me to put fourth my design skills and create Amazing websites for my customers. I use Photoshop in my classes for Web Graphics Design.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful program!!!!! Photoshop helps me create memories. As a photographer I love being able to take a perfect moment and create the perfect picture. Sometimes that means hours of hard work but the smiles at the end are worth it. Photoshop is my life force! Without it, I cannot design, I cannot earn a paycheck, I cannot eat! Thank you for being there when I needed you the most! Photoshop to you? Photoshop for me is My passion. The mission of photoshop for me is like when somebody said that Beauty will save the world, well , Photoshop give us the means to it.

The purpose for of PS in my life is my hobby, my work, my passion. I use it in my everyday life for hobby, or work, for digital design, for touching pictures from my other hobby photography. Photoshop- beauty is avalable now! Photoshop provides the opportunity to easily express creativity. I love using it. As a college student, I look forward to one day being able to purchase it. I love Photoshop and use it every day, along with Bridge.

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They are my two favorite programs! I use photoshop alot. I have been using it since photoshop 6, massive improvements and great tools! It is not only a source of income but a way of life. Photoshop is my whole little Photography life wrapped up in 1 programme. It allows me to express all the weird and wonderful ideas that float around in my brain, it gives me a head start in my University projects and Im a little ashamed to say it has stolen a piece of heart!

Photoshop makes my world go round, from the tiniest pixel to hundreds of layers that I create to make the best artwork I can. It brings life to so many dimensions, 2D, 3D and when you make those gifs, 4D. The only limit is that of ones mind. When I take photos of my baby daughter she is already perfect. To also make the photos perfect, I have Photoshop. Makes me realise i actually am artistic…. Photoshop is the tool that allows me to put food on the table. More importantly, it allows me to put food in my belly.

Photoshop is my alternative to pencil and paper. I kinda suck at art, so it means a lot to me. It is my means to express myself via cartoons and share with the world my vision of how things should be. Photoshop means a lot of things to a lot of different people. For me, I will define photoshop as my book. A book that has many things to study and to learn and gives future in our lives. Photoshop is crucial in my web work. Nothing can really replace Photoshop, unlike my text editors. What does Photoshop mean to me? It helps me release my creativity, have fun, and provide for my family!

It is the most important tool in my arsenal! I feel very privileged to even own my copy. Thank you Adobe for making the lives of 3D artists and designers everywhere a little easier.

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If my imagination were a room, Photoshop would be the window letting in the light that illuminates my ideas. I have never actually owned Photoshop, but its curious that I have used it as a professional tool in most if not all of my contracting gigs within the last 4 years. Photoshop is a program that is transcendent, no matter where you are, on any device, this program is an extension of you.

What is important about good design? Photoshop is as routine as drinking my morning Mt. I use it in my web design work, in my document archiving and just as a way to tweak my personal photos and have fun. Photoshop is ingrained in my daily work flow to the point where I would not know how I would deal without it. Thanks for a great tool, that is only limited by my imagination. I have been using Photoshop since version 1. It would mean so much to me to be able to continue using this fabulous software as time inexorably marches on. A truly big fan of PS. Thanks for this opportunity. Photoshop is a reminder that I can create anything imaginable.

It allows me to express my feelings through art and color. I use Photoshop Elements and many, many layers to recreate my dreams so I can share the with the world. PS gives me the ability to show people my vision of the world the way I think it should look. Photoshop is to me a reminder that little adjustments can make a HUGE difference. Just like in life, those small changes can make a difference!

Photoshop is a canvas that knows no bounds. When I use it with my Wacom, I can illustrate anything I can think of. Photoshop is the only thing that gives life to my emotions, transforming them into a wonderful work of art! Photoshop can take your sorrow, creating beautifull layers from it, and in the end gives back happiness! As a senior in high school soon going on to an art school, Photoshop means everything to me. It is a portal connected directly into the odd little worlds in my head.

It allows me to express my self and get my ideas out there for the world to see. Even when making physical art it is the best tool to start planning and creating leading to the start of something great.

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  • I am just 18 when I found out Photoshop and my lifestyle has changed a lot after I first used it. Photoshop became my training ground in improving my skills with digital art. It gave me an idea on future possibilities of what I can be!!! Endless ideas came across my mind and made me feel like I am creating a world of mine!!! Photoshop means so much to me that there would be no day that I am using it, and whenever I am not at home, I would think of things I can do with Photoshop. My heart is for the arts and Photoshop has been my blood that circulates in my body.

    Everything I have ever heard about Photo Software, Adobe Photoshop is always mentioned in the hightest reguard. I have Elements 6 and am amazed at all the wonderful things it does, I can only imagine the possiblities that I could have with PS-CS5. Great product!