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Can't Get You Out Of My Head

The single went number one in more than 40 countries and top 10 in many others, including the United States 7 where her last major chart entry was "The Locomotion" in Over 11 years after it's debut, the song still holds up very well. Hell, "Fever" as a whole still works. It shows that Pop music, though the weirdness of Lady GaGa in the late 00s, hasn't really deviated from the formula since. Like most of the "Fever" singles, the B-sides on this single are very good.

It's a very minimalistic dance track with a driving bass line with some light synth touches. Most of the b-sides were included on the various Tour Editions.

Can’t Get You Out of My Head

One of the few that wasn't was "Rendezvous At Sunset". It's the reason I tracked this single down. It's probably my favorite out of all the b-sides.

In my opinion, it perfectly captures the feelings I associate with Sunset If that makes any sense. Unlike "Boy", it's pallet is very full, but it never overwhelms the listener. It finds a nice mixture. There's some cowbell one of the Roland series of Drum Machines , a funk guitar lick, some synth chords, and a sublime, driving bass line.

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If you can find this single which shouldn't be hard with over 8 million sold , pick it up. As songs go this shows a more mature Minogue both lyrically and musically — gone is disco in favour of sophisticated club culture. Having seen the video yowsah! Add all to Wantlist Remove all from Wantlist.

Have: Want: Avg Rating: 4. CD Single by railrunner. Best Pop Songs of late 90s-early 00s by renegadeviking.

Can't Get You Out of My Head

Official CDS by grigory Jukebox 45s by micahnathaniel. Un Air De Star [] France. Favorite Songs and Singles Ever by disman German No.

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Joshua Klapp. This and all of the albums are a blessing to my ears and my heart. Regardless, amazing work, Griffin.

https://dragocboursova.tk You never cease to amaze. Much as I adore the thematic journey of the 11th hour proper, I can't help but smile at No Dogs on the Moon! Especially thinking back to its re-appearance at the very end of Story and Song, in your "hahaha let's make some goofs, we're not crying you're crying" moments in the final 60 seconds :D Another amazing album. The Diary of Sheriff Isaak, what a superb accompaniment to one of the strangest, darkest moments in actual-play podcasting.