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Turns out the tyke has stowed away in a basket of bananas, making for a funny, happy reunion. Ages 0 to 5. Ages 0 to 3. Illustrated by Mary Lundquist. The animal babies in this adorably drawn alphabet book include a bunny, a jaguar and a quail. They play with jacks and go fishing.

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They build with blocks and bake pie. Illustrated by Freya Blackwood. Birthdays come once a year, but the excitement around them lasts … possibly forever? Accordingly, this clever book about a first birthday party can be enjoyed any old day. Adorable babies tumble, squawk and dribble their way to the festivities. Cake time comes, the crowd begins to melt down, and the birthday kid is on to a bath, story and bedtime.

Opposites loom large for babies, and Gee brings the concept to adorable life. Her touch is feather-light, with many telling details to spot. Ages 0 to 4. Why should you read this one out loud to children whenever you can? Grownups making fools of themselves by snoring is a real kick for kids, so this book is gold. After his roommates send him away, Bernard tries a lake, a puddle and a fountain.

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Will he? This one has a sweet message about accepting your loved ones for who they are, snores and all. A story about two animal friends, Petunia the Pig and Percy the Pug.

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Percy loves puddles, especially muddy ones, which is where he eventually meets Petunia and her family. Percy will not be foiled, though, and he continues to become friends with the piglets. A follow up has recently been published, Thunder Pug. Norman the Bear has a plan to fill his belly up with delicious honey.

He gets dressed as a bumblebee and crashes their bee school day in order to steal from their stash. The art by the fan Brothers is gorgeous, all these sea-bound foxes, deer and pigeons. But they do parade around in eccentric hats. A wacky book about how doing something a bit silly can get you out of a funk!

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For more cute animal adventures, Won also has Hurray for Books! A little boy finds a whale bopping around in his swimming pool, and he tries all manner of schemes to kick it out! Can Dot get over her own assumptions to help her brother when he needs her? Another great read-aloud for storytimes, and a message about stereotyping that feels as relevant as ever.

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This book is wonderful for the following reasons: witty story, great art, librarian flattery, and funny sloth characterization. Much like Kristen Bell, I am a huge fan of sloths.

No one knows, least of all me. Kinda ugly? Still, they hang upside and sleep all plopped over and drink the dew collected in tree leaves — how poetic is that last one? Anyway, this book destroys me and I recommend it heartily.

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A brightly illustrated first chapter book, the Mercy Watson series is about a good-natured pig named Mercy. She lives with Mr. Watson, who treats her like one of the family. Kids will love the energetic illustrations, and Mercy is a charming lead character.

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A cute entry in the Yasmin series, the story follows our tiny titular heroine as she heads to the zoo with her class. She gets chosen to feed the monkeys, but then does something that causes a great deal of drama between her and her would-be simian companions. What can she do to patch things up? Little ones go wild for this series about Liz, Amy, Ellie, and Marion and their many animal friends. A funny, affectionate book about family, appearances and what being tough actually means. Ugly Cat is hungry and wants a paleta, and his mouse friend Pablo is keen to help.

Pablo tries to scare a little girl into dropping her ice cream, but instead of being scared she grabs Pablo to feed to her pet snake!