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It is all about cats in history, mystery, and culture. I also care a lot about helping senior kitties in shelters find homes, so I blog about that sometimes too. My Bastet! You and I have much in common.

A Bump in the Road by Roby Sweet

Not only are we both in cozy mysteries, but we both write blogs. I play myself in the Miss Cuddlywumps Investigates series. I am a classically educated calico cat who is also familiar with mysteries.

All of this education serves me well in my life in a tiny Maryland town where strange things keep happening, like people being murdered. I help my person a rather clueless soul named Rory solve the mysteries. Without me and my knowledge of Homer and Socrates and the like, criminals would go free.

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I also live in a small town. Cobble Cove is in upstate New York.

I am the library cat there. I help with the mysteries Alicia faces but not in a direct way. I am a completely fictional cat. Old SoLT says that one day she was taking a rather ordinary walk when out of the blue, this cat me popped into her head. That was about six years ago, and I have been in her head ever since. In that we are different.

The Penn State Scandal, Piece by Piece

Can you share an excerpt from one of your books that features you in an important scene? If so, please include it. Here is a scene from my first book, A Bump in the Road.

This is a scene from chapter 7, where I alert my person to the fact that I have just witnessed a murder outside our house:. Rory awoke to the sensation of a paw hitting her repeatedly on the cheek. The hitting was accompanied by a persistent meowing. She tried to brush the paw away, but the hitting and meowing continued. Knock it off, cat. Miss C did not knock it off. Well, a little bit, but he persevered in the end. The cat hooked the claws of one paw into the blanket and tried to pull it back, meowing all the time. You have to get up. Rory felt the blanket being pulled from her face, and then the hitting began again.

The meowing had never stopped. Rory sat up and reached to turn on the bedside lamp.

Blinking in the light, she saw Miss C looking positively frazzled; her eyes were wide, her tail erect and puffy—she looked ready to run and hide. Pulse racing, Rory swung her feet out of bed, pulled her robe on and stepped into her slippers, and followed her cat. She found Miss C sitting in the living room window and staring at something outside.

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Rory looked out the window, saw the white pickup parked in front of her house. Then Rory spotted the sign that had been installed in her front yard. Nearby lay a baseball cap. A purr-fect scene, but how in the world does a cat meow murder? I like that I am the star, as is only fitting for a cat of my caliber.